bille fruitée mise en avant artisanale

French and artisanal manufacturing

Mise en avant produit Nougat de Montélimar et Mini calisson

Nola has carefully selected its partners to guarantee you a unique and quality taste experience.

Made with the same processes for several generations, the raw materials are chosen for their quality and origin. We attach great importance to respecting traditions by ensuring that we offer you confectionery respecting the recipes of yesteryear. From timeless candies to gourmet innovations, discover confectionery products from French know-how to guarantee you incomparable quality and flavors.

We have decided to favor French and artisanal manufacturing to offer you products that are both tasty and authentic. The design of confectionery is spread between Brittany, Provence and the Paris region.

Boite Nola remplie d'amande pour le recyclage des boites de confiserie

Give them a second life

Recycled and recyclable container

We pay particular attention to our corporate social responsibility by offering our confectionery in recycled and recyclable PET (polyethylene terephthalate) boxes. This box is environmentally friendly, while being durable and lightweight.

We are proud to offer an ecological alternative for a responsible sweet pleasure. These can then be reused for personal purposes, giving them a second life.

The individual packages of nougat, mini calisson or even caramel are made of cellulose, a biodegradable material. These guarantee the freshness and flavor of our products, which are most sensitive to their environment. Our partners are also committed to reducing their environmental impacts.

“Nola was born from a childhood love of sweets, through a family experience with chocolate.

Caramel, berlingot, nougat? Why choose only one? That sounds good to us. Sharing, even around simple things, is essential for us. We love to please and introduce our loved ones to new things. Always keen to bring a gift that will delight our guests, Nola wishes to offer you this original alternative based on the best confectionery in our regions.”

Déborah, founder of Nola