Changer des fleurs et du vin : quoi offrir pour une invitation à dîner ?
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Change flowers and wine: what to offer for a dinner invitation?

During a dinner with friends or family, it is customary not to arrive at your host's house empty-handed. This little attention makes you a thoughtful guest and allows you to express your love, your friendship or simply your gratitude for this invitation received and this good moment of conviviality in perspective.

A bottle of wine or flowers often comes up as the little present we think of when we are expected at the home of friends or family. Why not opt ​​for something more original ? Discover or rediscover French confectionery with all its know-how and deliciousness through traditional or more innovative recipes that will delight young and old.

Artisanal know-how and an attachment to regional specialties guarantee you quality confectionery, made with carefully selected ingredients.

Some ideas for confectionery to offer:

  • Nougat: Prefer nougats with the name “Nougat de Montélimar” to be able to taste the traditional version. Small preference for the tender version.

  • Fruit paste: In several shapes, cubed, round or even fruit-shaped, they will seduce you with their high fruit content and melting texture.

  • Chocolate-covered dried fruits : Whether it’s covered grapes, almonds or hazelnuts, chocolate-covered dried fruits go perfectly with coffee.

  • Flavored candy : Made from cooked sugar and natural flavoring, candies flavored with violet, fruit, honey or even poppy will accompany you during your gourmet breaks.

  • Calisson: In classic or mini version, calissons are a must-have in French confectionery, made with candied melon and almond.

  • Orangette: Orange peel coated in dark chocolate, its crunchy and melting texture will not leave you indifferent.

For your next dinner invitation you now know what to offer.

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